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The most stunned or better organized, it is according to, will be followers of the good old spiral notebook to avoid the flying leaves. Those who want to lighten their bag will prefer the binder sheets. The storage work is then done at home with interleaves by subject. It may also be preferable to take the course directly on small cards Bristol, but they do not prove very practical when the courses are really dense: it is better to book them at company website to synthesize your courses in a second time and get real review sheets. More and more students take notes directly on their laptops. This allows you to obtain clearer notes in general and the layout can be improved thanks to all the resources of the word processor: however, we advise you to print your courses so that you can annotate them by hand if necessary. and to be able to "have them on hand" to learn them more easily. He is strongly advised to classify his courts the same day. Not only does this prevent mixing or mislaying them at the bottom of your bag, but it also helps to memorize them better.: If you have written on flipcharts, start by numbering them, and then store the course at the right place in the material's paper folder, and/or computer files if your courses are typed. You thus make the first "mental classification" of this course (in such chapter, such part). The ideal is to make the first learning: as the course is still fresh, you still remember it is much less difficult than if you let more days pass because then you will have forgotten everything.

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